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We offer a concept to the Lithuanian and foreign organisations helping the present-day business tackle their issues and discover different, more efficient, action methods, which create higher added value for the organisation, employees and public.

Tegra company often holds its weekly Friday meetings 4+1 (four working days in an office, plus one extra-mural day) at inTegra House spaces. This is a different, but highly efficient approach, which you can also benefit from in your company.

inTegra House can be used as a space to implement the ideas created by artists of different fields – fine arts, music, dance and photography. Our interactive spaces are adapted for the organisation of concerts, sound and motion practices, creative exhibitions and plein-air sessions.

The Sound and Motion space is a professional recording studio; the Forms and Paint is the creative and clay workshop space.

Training team

Rinardas Goda

Rinardas Goda

One of the founders of Tegra company

  • 24+ years of business experience;
  • 7+ years of consulting experience;
  • inTegra House co-founder;
  • Certified coaching and embodiment methods trainer.
Anastasia Goda

Anastasia Goda

One of the founders of Training-Boutique company in Moscow

  • 13+ years of business experience;
  • 10+ years of training and consulting experience;
  • Training-Boutique co-founder;
  • Consulting topics: personal efficiency, self-adjustment under stress, decision-making and team building;
  • Embodiment facilitation practitioner;
  • Training facilitator

Company details

UAB „Tegros namai“
Company code: 303473919
VAT number: LT100009398618

VšĮ „Meno ir Verslo Sinergija“
Company code: 302932700
VAT number: LT100009718413


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